Baby Walker Buying Guide: 7 Features You Must to Check While Buying a Baby Walker

Safe and Comfortable walkers will surely make your baby happy.

Baby WalkerBaby Walker Buying Guide 2018: Babies are the ones who are the dearest to everyone. Also, the babies require special attention since they might easily hurt themselves. The most difficult task is to teach babies to walk without hurting themselves. The parents or somebody assist the babies while they are playing around. But, it is not possible to be around all the time! Thus, to support your babies while they are learning to walk, you can gift them a baby walker! A baby walker is a specially designed cart for the babies. You can put your baby in this cart and let them learn to walk themselves without hurting themselves. These best baby walkers 2018 also contain some toys to keep your baby occupied.

There are various factors which have to be taken into consideration while choosing a baby walker for your baby. Some of the most important factors are listed below:

7 Features You Must to Check While Buying a Baby Walker

#1 Safety First: The most important feature of a baby walker is to keep the babies safe while they are using it. Some points to remember related to safety are:
1. If your baby is too young to walk, choose a baby walker without the wheels. This will allow your baby to hold up on their own.
2. Choose a wide base baby walker with wheels for the babies who are capable of walking. Wide based baby walkers will prevent your baby from getting hit by the corners of your furniture and therefore protect them from any kind of injury.
3. You will find some baby walkers with a mechanism to prevent your babies from falling down the stairs. This proves helpful in case you have a staircase at home.

#2 Adjustable Height: As you know, babies grow up very quickly. Thus, the baby walker with a fixed height might get uncomfortable for your baby as he/she grows up. Thus, if you select a baby walker with adjustable height then, you can use it on a long run. Otherwise, you will have to buy a new one as your baby grows up.

#3 Comfort: This is another thing to keep in mind since your child will not as all use the baby walker if it is uncomfortable. Thus, you must choose a baby walker which has a padded seat. This padding allows your baby to stay in the baby walker for long durations without getting irritated.

#4 Portability: You might need to carry the baby walker everytime you travel since it is not possible to buy a new one every now and then. Thus, if you buy a foldable baby walker, you can carry it much easily from one place to another. Also, it saves up on the space at your home when your baby is not using it.

#5 Built Quality: You must also check the built quality of the baby walker you are buying. Since the baby walkers come with a set of toys attached to it, you must make sure that they are well fitted and there is absolutely no possibility of your baby breaking it off and inserting it into the mouth. Also, there must be no sharp ends which might hurt the baby.

#6 Functionality: The baby walker you are choosing must be light in weight and must be easy to manoeuvre. This is very important since no baby will want a baby walker which cannot be moved easily without the help of the elders.

In Conclusion

Finally, it is your choice for which baby walker to choose for your baby. You must try to meet all the points mentioned above. But, if you find a baby walker which does not meet all the but you think that it is a good one, go for it! If you have any suggestion for the parents looking for a baby walker for their baby and if it is not mentioned above, then please let us know about it in the comments section below.

5 Facts to remember before buy Baby Walker

5 Facts for good baby walker

Every parent wants early walk of their baby. But providing baby walker in early age is not good. If you are confused when and what kind of baby walker you must buy, please go thru below an article.

  • Choose the baby walker in which your baby feel comfort while standing. Don’t buy the heavy baby walker.
  • Choose the baby walker which based is bigger in width.
  • Also see other feature like lock system, seat belt etc.
  • Check baby walker’s material, it should not harmful to the baby.
  • Don’t go with the fancy attractive baby walker, check baby walker with the soft corner, well stitched and no-sharp things are outside.


Just keep that thing in mind while buying a baby walker for your baby.

Happy Parenting!

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